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Roslin Glen Gunpowder Factory, Midlothian, Scotland.

<quote>The mill is understood to have opened between 1801 or 1803 to 1954, which means it was in production for at least 150 years.

A number of the buildings were set into an available hillside, a normal safety precaution at such places, intended to help limit the spread of damage in the event of an accident. However, report indicate that despite the stringent safety measures which would have been imposed on such a mill, numerous accidents still occurred there. However, it was a major source of employment for the surrounding area, and its period of operation meant that many women would have worked there during the war, when the men would have been conscripted.

Having first opened some time between 1801 or 1803, the mill finally closed in 1954 following some 150 years of operation, with the final years being completed while under the control of Nobel Explosives.

Power for the mill was originally provided by water, which is one reason why the mill was located beside the nearby River Esk, where a weir was provided the necessary water to feed the mill’s waterwheel. Images of the site show a building with the pitched roof where the water wheel which powered the mill was located. The end wall of the building has a large circular opening for the shaft let into its end wall.
During the mid-1800s, steam power was added to the site, supplementing the original water power source.</quote>

This place was absolute gorgeous to visit!!! I’m so glad Mike took me here in the morning, we were visiting the area to see family just before Christmas.

Been to Merganser more times than we can count and I’ve NEVER seen this thing before!!! We deviated from our usual path, meaning I also fell down a massive hole twisting my pelvis (because my chronic pain wasn’t bad enough), but we never expected to find this beastie.

Just goes to prove you never really know a place off by heart unless you’ve gone through every corner!

RNAS Merganser, Aberdeenshire.

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